Film is offered as a curriculum subject at all levels in the High School and is a thriving program, with our IB classes regularly scoring two points above the IB world average. However, students don't have to wait until High School to start crafting films. Every year, the HS Film Club runs the Manila Student Film Festival, which has categories for ES, MS and HS students. In addition, video skills form part of both the Grade 6 iDesign and G7/8 Innovation Tech encore class curriculums. Student journalism classes and groups are another way in which students can hone their film skills. 

IASAS Art & Film 2023

Hosted by Jakarta Intercultural School 

November 9th to 11th, 2023

IASAS Art & Film 2022

Hosted by International School Manila

November 10th to 12th, 2022

IASAS Art & Film is a wonderful opportunity for student artists and film makers to come together to learn from both professionals and each other. ISM hosted the 5 other IASAS schools (International School Bangkok, International School Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta Intercultural School, Singapore American School and Taipei American School), with each school bringing 8 Art Delegates and 8 Film to attend a mix of workshops and film screenings. The schools also bring premade work to share with each other, which they spend time discussing and celebrating. Please click on the link below to go to the dedicated website for the event.  

Manila Student Film Festival

Hosted by International School Manila

February 5th, 2022

The Manila Student Film Festival is a competition open to all Philippine schools, which is run by the ISM High School Film club. The mission of the festival is to celebrate "the creativity of young filmmakers in the Philippines by providing an audience for upcoming talent and inspiring the filmmakers of tomorrow to create films now." There is a dedicated website for the event. Go to this site to find links to a program, the selected films, and also a list of this year's winners:

Manila Student Film Festival Website

IASAS Art & Film 2021- Full Booklet for website.pdf

IASAS Film 2022

Hosted virtually by International School Bangkok

November 11th to 13th, 2021

ISM's IASAS Film delegates had a wonderful time this year at the IASAS Film and Art Cultural Convention. They were able to share their films, which they mad as a response to the theme of "Jai", which is a Thai word for "heart".  Students received feedback from the other IASAS School delegates, took part in screenings, webinars and film workshops and they also made a 24 hour film challenge. The prompt for this challenge was to include hand sanitizer as an object in their film and also the line - "I didn't see that coming." They also had individual wildcards such as using a genre or a technical element in their films. Students had a lot of fun working on the films and also enjoyed meeting and talking to other student filmmakers about their films. 

Posted to the left is the full catalogue for the event, with the Film section starting on page 48. To learn about the workshop leaders and schedule for the event, you can also click on this website link:

IASAS Art & Film 2021 Website

You can watch all films made for the convention below. 


The 4 films that represented ISM at the 2021 IASAS Film Convention. 

All IASAS Films

Here are the films from each of the 6 IASAS schools for the 2021 convention.

IASAS 24-Hr Films

As part of the convention, students participated in a a 24-hour film challenge. Here are the results!

HS Film Festival 2021

The HS Film Festival brings together a selection of films made in various HS Film classes throughout the year. The program progresses from Intro Film, through Explore Film, and onto IB1 and finishes IB2 Film groups to give you a sense of the progression that is possible if students remain part of the ISM film program for their 4 years of HS. Whatever grade the Film makers comes from, you are guaranteed to be impressed by their creativity and willingness to experiment with challenging techniques and concepts! Click the image to the left the browse the program. See below for the YouTube link to the festival. 

Manila Student Film Festival 2021

The Manila Student Film Festival is open to any student in the Philippines and has categories for ES, MS, HS and University students. ISM's HS Film Club students help plan and run the event, taking responsibility for finding sponsors and judges as well as organizing the actual festival day. There are also many ISM students who enter and are selected to present their films. The gallery to the left is the program for this year's festival, where you can find out what film's made the cut and the show reel can be found below. 

Once you've watched the selection, find out who won in each category here: Manila Student Film Festival Winners 2021

Inspired by this year's entrants? Why not plan to enter a film in next year's event. Here is the link to the official website to find out more information: Manila Student Film Festival website

IASAS Film 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year's IASAS Film was hosted virtually by TAS from November 19th to 22nd. There are generally two parts to IASAS Film, the first being students at the various schools making films prior to the festival, with the hope of being selected to represent their school. This still happened this year and three films were eventually selected to represent ISM. The second part takes place once all schools travel to meet in one of the IASAS schools and involves students from different school joining together to complete film challenges and workshops. However, due to the pandemic, this year's IASAS Film Delegates worked with members from their own schools to complete a 24 hour film challenge. They also had reflection sessions about all the films via Zoom and attended a master class led by film maker and professor Dr. Richard Raskins. Below are the films that represented ISM during the sharing and also alll the other IASAS Schools' films. 


Enjoy the 3 films selected to represent ISM at IASAS Film in 2020 

ALL IASAS films 2020

Enjoy all the other representative films from the 6 IASAS schools