HS Play 2021: 

Twelfth Night 

(Taub Musical Version)


PLOT: Twelfth Night is a musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic comedy. Shipwrecked in Illyria, Viola searches for her twin brother Sebastian. Until she finds him, she disguises herself as the charming young man, Cesario, so as to work and survive. Dressed as someone else, she starts to understand a lot more about herself, life and, this being a Shakespearean comedy,  LOVE….

REHEARSAL: Staging a musical during COVID presented a multitude of challenges for the cast and crew.  Our journey can be seen in the progression of the final film: from Zoom rehearsals and recordings at the start where we were spread across the globe, to filming in socially distanced small groups, and ending with one wonderful morning where we all got to come together for one joyful scene. Throughout the process, the passion and commitment of students was amazing. 

THANKS: Special thanks to the creators of this wonderful show for being so flexible during the pandemic and allowing their show to be presented in whatever manner we were able. Kwame Kwei- Armah and Shaina Taub have written a wonderfully joyful and soulful musical adaption of Shakespeare's classic, which brought us all some much needed theatrical light during the dark days of the pandemic. Here is a link to a New York Times review where you can learn more about the origins of the show at  The Public Theatre in New York.

Twelfth Night Video Trailer

Twelfth Night Trailer!.mp4