Dance is a popular curriculum subject and co-curricular activity at ISM. At ES and MS levels, sign ups to the after school dance program are managed alongside all other activity sign ups via the AFAC website.

MS students in Grade 7 & 8 can also select dance as a subject. There are 2 Semester-long curricular dance: Dance Revolution and Dance Remix. Details about these courses can be found on Pages 14 and 15 of the Grade 7 and 8 electives guide.

At High School Level, there are 3 year-long dance electives available, which are differentiated by skill level rather than Grade: Dance Exploration, Advanced Dance and ISM Dance Company. Information about these classes can be found on Pages 46 and 47 of the HS Course Offering Guide. In additional, as a response to the pandemic the Dance Company now has it's own website for sharing work: ISM Dance Company website

Every semester, dance activities and curriculum classes culminate in a performance, which the ISM community is invited to enjoy. Click the various performance images below to see photos, posters and/ or videos from some of these previous events.